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Youtube Marketing

Aldous Husley,(1894-1963) was near-blind but we can say that his blindness was the blessing in disguise. He is well known for his novels and a sight-related theory. His contribution in the field of visual communication was wonderful. This shows not just his prowess but the power of the medium,

The visual medium is the most powerful one today much more than before as it is available to all, through many mediums. This is the reason why we all should show Youtube marketing.

Let us learn Youtube marketing in a premier Youtube marketing institute in Mumbai. This is the new reality. We must understand this through a well experienced Youtube marketing training in Mumbai.

The fact is, there is no theory or formula for visual communication. 

It involves many areas such as signs, typography drawing, graphic design, illustrations and many other things. We need many kind of experts. For, an image does convey much more than text, especially in today’s fast paced world. This is why we do need to understand this completely.

Now, let’s talk about the visual communication of the modern world. Email was introduced in 1960s and first file was sent in 1970s. In 1982, the creation of the world wide web in revolutionised the history of digital communication. The system created by Lee had created a system to share information through a network of computer. At that time he was working for  European physics laboratory CERN in Swis Alps. By the end of 2000, around half of the developed world was accessing information through internet. In 2020, more than 8 billion are using internet world wide.

In the social media platform visual communication is much more likely to get shared. 

Following are the traits of visual communication in digital platforms like Facebook, Youtube and Instagram

  •         Better versatility than verbal communication.
  •         High attention grabbing and engagement.
  •         Improve your trustworthiness of your messages
  •         Give information more quickly and directly.

These traits are important to be noted so that we ensure whatever we create has impact. An impact that is transformational to business and the brand. This does not come easily but does come with effort and passion. 

We do need to attend a Youtube marketing course to ignite our passion. 


Data shows there are 1 billion unique monthly visitors are visitors onYoutube, 100 hours of video are uploaded every minute. 6 billion hours of videos are viewed every month and 500 million hours of video are viewed on YouTube every day


Percentage of youtube video viewers.
1 Inspiration or entertainment 55%
2 Learning 70%
3 Knowing instruction 70%
4 Decision what to say 67%

       For enhancing Youtube views one could –

  •         Focus on mobile views as mobile is the most prevalent device.
  •         Post and share your videos knowing your target viewers and when they are likely to view this
  •         Keep viewer’s interest, passion, emotion and your brand identity in mind while making the video.

Videos so speak out loudly to the world so we must ensure we use them well and clearly. We shall surely guide all