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Twitter Marketing

A Twitter Marketing Course is essential for all of us now to succeed

Twitter is here now.  We do need to learn this from a good Twitter marketing institute in Mumbai. Being a popular college area, we are bound to get excellent twitter marketing training in Mumbai, a key business area.

Advertise yourself on twitter. This is a good medium as it is totally democratic. Have a scheme which you can give away or your product or promotional item here. 

Ask a basic question about a product on your website or blog. The first person to answer could be the winner. When we send the item we could write, “Retweet upon receipt,” and this could then be a second contest. 

Get a twitter account in the name of your business. Post links to all the articles you have written educating people in your niche market. To take it forward, at the bottom of the article have links to your products and services. We could also offer discount coupon codes to twitter members. This usually has a good result. 

Viral Marketing Share photos on twitter 

Twitter is a great place to share photos (TwitPic), host contests, shout out loud to all loyal customers, have scavenger hunts, and promote events. We need to think of ways we can incorporate Twitter into our promotions in a fun, engaging way. Remember to thank loyal customers, retweet their tweets, and even host fundraisers. Even children are doing this. We should at least try it once. 

We suggest the following to you classified as Dos and Donts

Do: Repeat Tweets

We do need to repeat tweets as people often note them at different times.

We could even schedule and reschedule them

Don’t: Tweet the same kind of content 

Our followers will notice, if we keep repeating ourself. We must aim to remain original in each of our tweets.

Do: Use a Ratio

We recommend the use of 30/30/30 rule: 30% original content, 30% retweets, 30% engagement. 

Don’t: Confuse followers

Make sure you stick to one or similar subjects as otherwise, people get confused on what you wish to convey

Do: Write a Good Bio

Our bio needs to tell people all about yourself and the organisation you are tweeting about.

Basically, make a bio that is as specific and descriptive as possible.

Don’t: Only Promote Yourself

Consider finding pieces your connections have written on LinkedIn, or their personal blogs, or on the company site.

A network will get built in this process.

Do: Inject Some Individuality Into Your Tweets

Customize tweets to make them interesting. 

Don’t: Retweet Anything You Haven’t Read

One must be clear about what one is promoting. So, do read the links you are tweeting. 

Do: Shut Down Frequent Retweeters

Shut off people who keep retweeting.

Don’t: Ignore people

When someone tweets at you or mentions you, acknowledge them with at least a thanks.

Do: Ignore the spammers

Just ignore the spammers as that may take too much of your energy.

Don’t: Be a stalker

Don’t keep following and commenting on peoples tweets

Do: Follow companies of interest

Follow tweets of companies you are interested in as this gives you a complete idea of their thought process.

Do: Use people’s names

People like it when their names are used. This gives a personal touch. Do take the trouble of using them.

Don’t: Forget the power of an emoticon

Use emoticons as people relate to them.

Don’t: Swear

Sound professional and never swear.

Do: Stay positive

While no one may follow you for being positive, people will unfollow you for being negative. 

Remain positive to add value.

Don’t: neglect using key tools

There are plenty of tools and apps  that will help you manage twitter well.

Do: Use Photos

As we said earlier, use TwitPic. It adds value to your content.

Don’t: Repost Instagram links

Try sticking to twitter when you are using twitter


Twitter is something we all need to do effectively so it makes sense to do a Twitter Marketing Course.