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SEO Course

Optimize yourself through a good SEO course to succeed

Social media has tremendous potential. IDM, a premier social media optimisation institute that conducts high quality social media training in Mumbai would take us to great heights.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) are essentially internet marketing. They use the benefits of social networking sites. Due to this, it is a tool for promoting websites and increasing traffic towards them.

Brand and positioning

A brand is all about positioning. It could be aspirational, quality or price. Is our brand memorable or eminently forgettable? What do we want to convey? Does our  brand make people laugh and enjoy life? Do we wish to write about inspirational stories or is your website going to be serious and informative in nature? This is what one must highlight in the keywords in our SEO approach.

The fact is the human reality is that brand impression are everything as far as marketing is concerned. The brand and what it says are what digital data tells you.

Is our brand more popular online more than our competitors’ brands?

What are the keywords or tags used when this is tweeted or shared on Instagram? What brand content attracts the most traffic?

What is the brand sentiment? Is it positive or negative?

Brand building is an asset in the digital world. This is something that is both easy to make but hard to measure. 

We must realize that each and every discovery of our brand is building a digital imprint of the online world. Everyone knows almost everything about us in the digital world.

In the online world, we need to be everywhere. This really is what capacity building is in the digital world.

We could use the following checklist for brand building 

  1.     Submit the Site link on Free Site Link Submission Sites
  2.     Parameters that need to be followed are:
  •         Properties – Alt tags of Image
  •         Search Description
  •         Location (for example, India)
  •         Title tag
  •         Reference link
  1.     Article Submission
  2.     Quora (Questioning and Answering)
  3.     Forum Submission
  4.     Local Classifieds
  5.     Social Bookmarking
  •         Hoot suite
  •         Reditt
  •         Digg
  •         Sniply
  •         Scraper
  •         Owler
  •         Hubspot

Social Media Posting

These are the platforms we should be visible in

  •         Facebook
  •         LinkedIn
  •         Twitter
  •         Pinterest
  •         Instagram
  •         Whatsapp

Content needs to be distributed evenly in personal id and groups. It must cover all group dynamics, tags, keywords, highlights.

We need to share this with our friends in order to get Likes, Shares, and Comments after the first-degree connection.

We need to upload the content on blogger and share the link to get it read by the content readers.

We need to know the influencer(s) in our groups, be it Google+, Facebook or any platform

We also need to refresh our feed in our social media groups to get it liked and get a perfect engagement ratio.

Timings need to be taken into account while posting on any platform.